Phoenix Feather Core

I posted an earlier post about a learning to make my very own Harry Potter wands from paper and hot glue. I wanted to share one of the first ones I learned to make. This 11 inch wand made of Holly, with a Phoenix Feather core, belongs to none other than Harry Potter himself!

Of course I had to learn how to make Harry’s wand! He is Harry Potter, after all 🙂

When making my wands, I searched the internet for pictures, watched the movies, and searching for information about each character’s wand. My goal was to be as accurate as possible.

In making Harry’s wand, I created a basic wand, and cut it to 11 inches. After looking at the pictures of his wand, I marked my paper wand accordingly. I marked where I wanted the hot glue to be thickest, and where the wood grain should be.

Stories of Petey - Phoenix Feather Core - Marking Wand

It was then that I began applying the hot glue to the end of the wand, creating a thicker area. I must caution you to have an adult present when using a hot glue gun. It gets quite hot, and I have burned myself many times!

When the hot glue was as thick as I wanted, I used the hot glue gun to create vertical lines, such as the texture of wood.

Stories of Petey - Phoenix Feather Core - Hot Glue on Wand

After completing the thick hot glue area on the end, I created a thicker, but not quite as thick as before, hot glue area on the area I marked. I then created vertical hot glue lines between the two thick areas, and just a few inches past the midway thicker area. I know I am terrible at explaining, so I added pictures to demonstrate what I mean.

Stories of Petey - Phoenix Feather Core - Hot Glue On Wand
Stories of Petey - Phoenix Feather Core - Painting Brown 1

When the hot glue was dry, I painted the wand brown using acrylic paint. It requires a few coats, especially over the hot glued areas.

Stories of Petey - Phoenix Feather Core - Painting Brown 2

After the paint had dried, I applied a layer of Mod Podge. Sometimes, you will notice, that if Mod Podge is applied too thick, it shows up white instead of clear. When that happens, I add more brown acrylic paint, and when the paint has dried, I apply a thin layer of Mod Podge again. This may require several layers of both, but soon you will end up with a perfect finished product 🙂

Stories of Petey - Phoenix Feather Core - Harry Potter's Wand

And, so you have it! My very own Harry Potter wand! Yes, it is paper, glue, and paint. Yes, it will break if played with roughly. But, yes, it is so fun to play with!

I hope you enjoy reading about my wand making experiences, and I hope it inspires you to create your own wands!

Here are all of the wands I have created, most from Harry Potter characters, but two one-of-a-kinds for my husband and I. I hope you enjoy!

Stories of Petey - Phoenix Feather Core - Wands

Which Harry Potter character’s wand would you want most? Don’t forget to comment or reach out to me on:





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