Soft Glowing Hug

The love provided from the natural world around us is special and unique. What is the greatest gift Mother Earth has given you?

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I am a lover of stories, addicted to reading and writing. I love to draw and paint, sew and work on projects. My greatest moments are spent escaping into the little adventures of life. I love little adventures!

2 thoughts on “Soft Glowing Hug

  1. It’s hard to choose just one thing Mother Nature has provided, I guess for me it would be the beautiful change of seasons, In the spring, the multitude of flowers and the birth of so many baby animals, the warmth of summer, sunshine and summer activities with friends and family. the beautiful fall colors of the leaves and trees and the beauty of a harvest moon. The winter reminds us that things get brown and sometimes die and are reborn in the spring, and the beauty of frost on the grass and trees, and brilliant white snow on the ground. The death of our Lord and the promise of life everlasting.

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