A Table for Two…Or More

Last year my husband and I got rid of our dining room table. We didn’t need it. It mostly just collected mail and trash, as well as dust. We gave it to friends of ours who needed a new one. In it’s place we put our island. The island is perfect for our space! It gives us storage for kitchen items, and a table top to place important things.

Stories of Petey - A Table for Two or More - Island

The thing is…My husband and I love board games! We love puzzles! Over time, realizing we needed a space other than our card table to play these games and complete our puzzles, I decided to build us a table.

I didn’t want a dining room table. I wanted a small table that had a leaf on each side. That way if our board game required more space, we could raise a leaf.

The table itself was not difficult to make. In fact, it was one of the easiest projects I have ever completed.

I wanted the table to be 34 inchs wide, so that should we have many people over to our house (in a non-Covid universe), we could set this table up against our card table for an extra long table.

Stories of Petey - A Table for Two or More - Table Plywood

I went to Lowes and purchased some plywood, 1 24×34 inch piece and 2 12×34 inch pieces. I loved the look of the wood, so I did not apply stain. I simply applied a few layers of Polyurethane, to protect the wood from moisture.

I attached each leaf to the table top with hinges.

Stories of Petey - A Table for Two or More - Hinge

To hold each leaf up, I used metal drop leaf supports purchased on Amazon. Two of these per leaf. So I ordered two packs, about $15 per pack, so around $30 total.

Stories of Petey - A Table for Two or More - Metal Table Supports

I also purchased a pack of four metal 28 inch legs, and screwed them on the bottom of our table top. The pack of four were less than $35!

Stories of Petey - A Table for Two or More - Table Legs

The table is small enough to set in the corner of our office, and light enough to carry out to the living room for us to play games on. It is just perfect!

With each project I complete, I fall more and more in love with wood working. I may not be a professional, but I have fun. You can’t ask for more 🙂

Stories of Petey - A Table for Two or More - Finished Table

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