My Treasures

This past summer I made up my mind to complete a couple projects I have been dreaming of. I shared in a previous post about a quilt and blanket storage nightstand I had made to keep on each side of our bed. The only problem is, though these nightstands hold all of our blankets, some of these blankets are just too special to be hidden from view.

As a child my Great Grandmother was my best friend. My Great Grandma was extremely creative. She was an artist! Her medium, however, was not paint or pencil, but instead a needle and thread. She created quilts for all of her grandkids and great grandkids, and would often display them upon her bed. You never knew which quilt be on her bed. It was her own personal canvas, displaying her ability for all to see.

I am a lot like my Great Grandma. She would envision her projects, and could see them before completion. I am the same. I always picture a project before I begin, and work to create that vision.

It was my desire to create a quilt display stand to display a few of the beautiful quilts made for me.

The entire project was not difficult. I purchased a few 1×4 boards, and asked the kind people of Lowes to cut them for me. I ended up having several boards that were around 48 inches long. I also had a few boards that were 24 inches long.

Stories of Petey - My Treasures - Wood Boards

I love the color of wood. I love the smell of wood. I love working with wood! But for this, I wanted something special. That is why I purchased a couple of cans of Rust-Oleum Vintage Teal. What a beautiful color, am I right?

Stories of Petey - My Treasures - Rust Oleum Vintage Teal

I painted each board, on all sides.

Stories of Petey - My Treasures - Painted Wood Boards

I then screwed three of the 24 inch long boards between 2 of the 48 inch long boards, creating a ladder. To support this, I screwed two 48 inch boards on each side, creating a triangle. One final bit of support I did, was to use two 24 inch long boards to support the bottom of the triangle, on each side. The whole thing is pretty sturdy.

Stories of Petey - My Treasures - Quilt Display Stand Finished
Stories of Petey - My Treasures - Side of Quilt Display Stand

I was able to display the jean quilt my mom made me, and two quilts my Great Grandma made me! The jean quilt is one of my favorite quilts, and it is so warm we always use it in the winter!

Stories of Petey - My Treasures - Quilt Display Stand

The nice thing was, I had a few boards lying around, leftovers from other projects, and used the extra cans of paint to paint them. I screwed and glued one of the 1×4’s to a piece of plywood I painted. I then added hooks (the kind you screw in), and hung my jewelry.

As an extra bit of flair, I bought some wooden dowel rods, and painted one. I use that to display my bracelets.

Stories of Petey - My Treasures - Jewelery Display

I was also able to display an ornament I made with my Grandma Bonnie’s picture on it, and lace from her wedding dress. I had been given her wedding dress by my Great Grandma, and for years it had been kept in a box. Last year I asked my mom’s permission, and cut up the dress, creating an ornament for all of my family members. A little memento of the woman we cherish! It is an ornament I wanted to display all year round, and no better place than my newly made jewelry display board 🙂

I am truly proud of these projects! Each day I walk by my treasured memories, and remember those I love, and all they have given me. It is often the little things in life that we treasure the most. A blanket made with love, a picture of a loved one lost. One thing life has taught me, always treasure the little things 🙂

Stories of Petey - My Treasures - Grandma Ornament

What is one of your treasures, a valuable reminder of a beloved person or memory? Don’t forget to comment or reach out to me on:





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