Baby’s Gotta Move

We all know it is hard to stop a baby on the move! These diaper cakes are dedicated to those babies who just gotta move 🙂

Nothing Like A Wagon Ride

Stories of Petey - Baby's Gotta Move - Wagon

For this diaper cake, I took a box lid, and covered it with a blanket and a ribbon. I lined the inside of the box with one layer of rolled up diapers, each taped individually.

Each wheel was made of one small circle of rolled up diapers, covered in a baby blanket.

I used a rolled-up blanket with an attached teether as the wagon handle and bar.

I filled the wagon with goodies for babies, and placed a Mickey Mouse doll with a diaper bottle in front of the wagon.

Who doesn’t like a good wagon ride, especially with Mickey mouse by your side?

For the Thrill-Seeking Baby

Stories of Petey - Baby's Gotta Move - Motorcycle 1
Stories of Petey - Baby's Gotta Move - Motorcycle 2

This motorcycle was very difficult! The wheels were made of stacked flat diapers in a circle, rather than rolled up diapers. I covered the diaper wheels in baby blankets.

I connected the wheels with a bottle covered in a onesie, secured with a rubber band.

I used the arms of the onesie to make the handlebars, filling them with rolled up diapers.

I then dressed a stuffed animal with an outfit, and sat it on the motorcycle. Every motorcycle needs a driver 🙂

Baby’s First Zamboni Ride

Stories of Petey - Baby's Gotta Move - Zamboni 1
Stories of Petey - Baby's Gotta Move - Zamboni 2

A few friends of ours LOVE hockey! So, when they were expecting, I couldn’t give them a typical diaper cake. I had to make a zamboni!

I stacked flat diapers, secured with rubber bands, to create the body of the zamboni, and seat. I used a single rolled up diaper to create each wheel.

I covered the body with a blanket matching their favorite team’s colors, and printed the design of their favorite team, the Columbus Blue Jackets.

I placed a toy for the driver, and the rubber suction cup of a toy (honestly, I can’t remember what I used for that), as the driving stick.

I was especially proud to present our friends with this gift 🙂

What vehicle would you make for a diaper cake? A tractor? Train? Plane? How would you complete it? Don’t forget to comment or reach out to me on:





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