When Bad Days Come Our Way

How do you react when you have a bad day? For me, I usually sink in the weight of the anger and sadness, allowing myself to feel how I want for as long as I want. When that is done, I think of what I am thankful for, and like sun shining through the clouds, I allow myself to smile.

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I am a lover of stories, addicted to reading and writing. I love to draw and paint, sew and work on projects. My greatest moments are spent escaping into the little adventures of life. I love little adventures!

12 thoughts on “When Bad Days Come Our Way

  1. I too have learned in recent times that it’s okay to stay in that moment you so aptly described: “…sink in the weight of the anger and sadness, allowing myself to feel how I want for as long as I want…” Until I’m ready to be “…thankful for, and like sun shining…allow myself to smile” again. Thanks for so simply but so correctly pointing this out here. Couldn’t agree more!

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  2. That’s a good way to react- embracing your emotions but also moving past them. I usually act in a similar way. I feel sad or angry or whatever I’m feeling and then I meditate to calm myself down and get into a more positive headspace.

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