Whimsical Diaper Cakes

Some diaper cakes are normal, but some need a little something extra!

Two Cakes for Two Angels

Stories of Petey - Whimsical Diaper Cakes - Disney Diaper Cakes

A coworker of mine was having a baby shower to twins. I racked my brain for an idea to use as a gift, but after being so busy, I was left with very little time. Sometimes when life is crazy, going back to the basics is just as beautiful as something elaborate, don’t you think?

These are two simple diaper cakes. They are rolled up diapers, secured with a rubber band around them, to create a circle. I then covered them in a folded up blanket.

The little something extra was the cake toppers on top. Nothing says magic like Mickey and Minnie popping out of your cake, am I right?

Oh The Places You’ll Go

Stories of Petey - Whimsical Diaper Cakes - Dr. Seuss Diaper Cake

Nothing says children like a little Dr. Seuss!

For this diaper cake, I created a normal diaper cake, using rolled up diapers, secured with a large rubber band. I then placed flat diapers on the inside of the circle, to create a basket effect.

I then folded a blanket around the circle of diapers. The final product was a balloon basket.

I combined 4 wooden sticks together, securing them with tape at the top, to create the balloon’s “ropes.”

The balloon part was a bit tricky. I ended up purchasing a glow stick ball, and filled it with diapers. The baby shower was in the evening, so the glow sticks added a nice effect.

The final step was to print a picture of the Dr. Seuss character from the book, “Oh The Places You’ll Go,” and place the character inside the balloon.

This was a very unique diaper cake for me, and I was truly proud of it! What both of these diaper cakes showed me, though, was that you can go the extra mile, or do something simple, but each turn out to be a truly magnificent gift!

What is the most imaginative gift you have given and received? How did it make you feel? Don’t forget to comment or reach out to me on:





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