Gifts of Nature for A Special Day

I don’t remember the exact moment I discovered what a diaper cake was. Though I loved arts and crafts as a child, it was not until adulthood I took the deep dive into my hobbies. I adored learning new and different ways to create all I could imagine!

When I discovered that instead of giving a typical gift for a baby shower, a celebration of the blessing new life is upon our world, I could give a handcrafted gift, I was hooked! I began to search the internet for new ideas.

Though my husband and I were not blessed with children, we have a large group of friends and family, and went to many baby showers. It is for that reason I began creating these. Here are just a few diaper cakes I have crafted. I hope they inspire you as you prepare to bless those that are about to bless the world, and I hope they provide you with inspiration to create your own handcrafted gift of joy!

Baby’s First Tent

Stories of Petey - Gifts of Nature for A Special Day - Diaper Tent 1
Stories of Petey - Gifts of Nature for A Special Day - Diaper Tent 2

For this diaper cake, I took a small cardboard box, and lined it with diapers. I then covered the diapers with a blanket.

I took a baby outfit, filled it with diapers, and placed the diaper “baby” in the cardboard box, so that it looked like it was sleeping.

I took a few wooden sticks, taping them together, to create a V shape. I placed them in the cardboard box, and draped another baby blanket on top, like a tent.

To finish it off, I cut some green paper to look like grass, taping it to the front of the cardboard box.

Baby’s First Marshmallow Roast

Stories of Petey - Gifts of Nature for A Special Day - Diaper Campfire

For this diaper cake, I rolled up diapers, placing them in a large rubber band, until it created a large circle. I then wrapped the circle in brown burlap.

To create the logs, I rolled up a diaper, and rolled it in burlap.

To finish the look, I printed a picture of flames, and taped them to the top of the diaper cake.

Marshmallows anyone?

Baby’s First Friend

Stories of Petey - Gifts of Nature for A Special Day - Diaper Nature Friend

For this diaper cake, I created a large circle of rolled up diapers as before, held together with a large rubber band. I placed the large circle of rolled up diapers in a small box.

I then took some construction paper, and applied hot glue to resemble the texture of wood. Please be careful with a hot glue gun, as I have been burnt many times. Always have an adult present when using one. When the hot glue dried, I painted the paper brown. I encased the diaper circle in the paper, to resemble a stump.

Next I topped the “stump” with a blanket and a cute new friend. The final touch was cutting green paper and taping it to the box to look like grass.

Who wouldn’t want a friend as adorable as this?

Baby’s First Flowers

Stories of Petey - Gifts of Nature for A Special Day - Diaper Flower Pot

This bouquet is no ordinary bouquet! No, this bouquet is actually a diaper cake. Can you tell? 🙂

For this diaper cake, I created the circle of rolled up diapers, using a large rubber band to secure them. I then covered the circle in a blanket, to create the flower pot.

I then took a baby washcloth, and rolled it up. I took another baby washcloth, wrapped it around the other one, holding it together with a rubber band. I used the corners of the washcloth like flower petals, and placed these “flowers” in the “flowerpot.”

Ever thought a baby’s diaper could smell like roses? Now you know it’s possible 🙂

Well, I hope you enjoyed a few of the diaper cakes I have had the pleasure of making! I hope you are inspired to create your own gifts of nature for someone you love 🙂

Have you ever made a diaper cake? What did it look like? Don’t forget to comment or reach out to me on:





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