The Elder Wand

In all my wand making experiences, the one wand I desired most was, well, the most desired wand ever- the Elder Wand.

Not only was this the wand owned by one of my favorite characters, Albus Dumbledore, but it was the most powerful wand of all time! I had to get it just right 🙂

I scoured the internet, searching pictures, trying to discover each angle of the wand. I soon discovered that I needed the want to be 15 inches, making it the longest wand of all the characters. The only one closest is Ginny Weasley’s wand, at a little over 14 inches.

When rolling up a hot glue filled straw in a piece of paper, as I demonstrated in my basic wand tutorial, I realized it would be too short. So, I rolled up another piece of shorter paper, and hot glued the two pieces together. This would get my wand the length it needed, but I knew it was not going to be very stable.

Stories of Petey - The Elder Wand - Gluing Paper Together

It was for this reason I used this unstable section of the wand as the end that is held in your hand. That end has a great deal of hot glue, and I thought the hot glue would add stability.

Stories of Petey - The Elder Wand - 15 inches long Wand

I then began marking the areas I wanted to be thicker, and areas I needed to have a wood grain texture.

Stories of Petey - The Elder Wand - Marking the Wand

It was at this point I began applying hot glue to the sections I wanted to be thicker. I must remind everyone to be safe with the hot glue gun. It is quite hot, and you should have an adult present when working with one.

Stories of Petey - The Elder Wand - Gluing Wand

I did use the tip of the hot glue gun to mold and shape the hot glue on the wand, to have it shaped the way I desired.

Stories of Petey - The Elder Wand - Glue On Wand

I used the hot glue gun to drag vertical lines up and down, in between the thicker sections of hot glue. I did this to create a wood-grain look and texture. However, I did leave one tiny, one inch section without hot glue, as I needed this to be smooth.

Stories of Petey - The Elder Wand - Wood Grain

I tried to match Dumbledore’s dark brown on the wand by combining brown with a few drops of black until I achieved the desired color.

Stories of Petey - The Elder Wand - Painting Wand

Once the brown paint had dried, I painted the smooth section of the wand a silver/white mixture.

Stories of Petey - The Elder Wand - Painting Handle

Using a nib and black paint, I painted the markings on the smooth section of the wand, once its silver/white paint was dry.

Stories of Petey - The Elder Wand - Painting Markings

I applied Mod Podge, and when doing so, some of the areas with thicker Mod Podge dried white. I then repainted the wand in those spots, and once the paint was dry, applied a thin layer of Mod Podge again.

The Mod Podge merely helps protect the paint and wand, and that is why I love using it. I don’t mind doing several layers, as longs as I get it right in the end 🙂

Stories of Petey - The Elder Wand - Applying Mod Podge

And, here you have it, my very own Elder Wand!

When giving someone a handmade paper wand, I also created notes from each Harry Potter character, transferring ownership. I found this to be a fun touch 🙂

Stories of Petey - The Elder Wand - Elder Wand

Here is a picture of all the wands I have made. The top two are one-of-a-kind wands I designed for my husband and I. The others were all inspired by Harry Potter characters. I hope that this has inspired you to use your own imagination, a little bit of planning, and a whole lot of fun to create something all your own 🙂 You never know what may happen!

Stories of Petey - Elder Wand - Wands

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