Surprising Blessings

What terrible moments in your life turned out to be blessings? Don’t forget to comment or reach out to me on:





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I am a lover of stories, addicted to reading and writing. I love to draw and paint, sew and work on projects. My greatest moments are spent escaping into the little adventures of life. I love little adventures!

3 thoughts on “Surprising Blessings

  1. this is so true; where do I start? I’ll choose one instance: my recent post ‘Abducted’ came about from listening to a long drawn-out tale in which towards the end the word ‘abducted’ was used in relation to be ‘ruled’ by alcohol; the word lit up in my head as a metaphor for Inspiration and the poem was written in one minute flat 🙂

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  2. Wise words! I do have an example: My husband and I were turned down from buying our dream house. We had to settle on a less expensive house. But then dear husband got furloughed. If we had been in the expensive house, we wouldn’t have been able to make ends meet during the furlough period!

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