Magical Memories Shared With My Dad

I am not one that believes simply being born into a family means you understand one another. Often in my life, I have found I had different interests than those I am related to. Though that means sometimes it is difficult to talk to or spend time with someone in my family, it does not take away any of my love for them.

Perhaps that is why families exist. We are instantly connected with a variety of individuals, and through that, we learn what love means. We learn the power of love. We learn to give love in the best way we know how and learn to receive love from others doing the best they can. We learn that often the effort given is just as important as the end result.

My brother was born feeling instantly connected to my parents. I was born wanting to leave the house. I remember as a child, hearing my brother claim his only desire was to build a house beside my parents, spending all of his time with them. I laughed and said I wanted to move far away.

It was not that I did not love my parents. I love them a great deal! I simply wanted to see all that life had to offer, and I knew that would not happen settling down in my hometown.

Throughout my life, I have learned to find value in each person’s story. Some choose to work a steady job, providing for their loved ones, enjoying little moments of joy throughout the day. Their story is just as valuable as the explorer that travels the world.

Some desire the lights and noise of the city, while others prefer the peace and quiet of the country. Some desire solitude, while others want the constant company of others. We are all unique, and each of our stories are important.

Though I felt different from my family, there was one thing we shared, one interest we had in common. Our love of movies, and the stories they provided, united us all as we laughed and cried together.

Stories of Petey - Magical Moments Shared With My Dad - In Garden

My dad has always loved his life in the country. He retired early, only to start a mini farm on the land I grew up on. He loves to work with his hands, remodeling our house during the years of my youth. He loves sports, baseball, football, basketball, you name it, he loves it. He is afraid of water, and swimming is probably the only sport I enjoyed. Needless to say, we did not have a lot in common.

Movies, though, were different. My dad and I both shared a love of movies, specifically ones that made us laugh. He shared my love of classic film, showing me movies from the 1960s on. It was time spent watching movies together, watching television shows, witnessing stories that made us laugh, that brought us together. In those moments, we were able to connect and share a part of ourselves with one another. In those moments, we understood one another.

As a child, I was not allowed to participate in Halloween. Anything dealing with magic was forbidden in our household. Not that I minded, being terrified of people in costumes as a child.

It is funny how time changes you. Now I adore Halloween, and my parents go with my nieces and nephews trick-or-treating. I create costumes for myself, just to have and wear at home. I love that we, as people, are constantly evolving, changing, growing.

As an adult, having never read the Harry Potter series, my husband and I decided to watch the marathons at Christmas on television. After watching a few, we instantly decided to read the books. We finished the books just in time to watch the last few movies in theaters. It was incredible! A whole world we were immersed in, a world we desired to share.

Now, at the time we had seen the movies and read the books, the entire world had already known the story we wanted to share—the whole world, except my parents. So, one day, I called my mom and told them it was time we showed them Harry Potter. I did not give them a choice.

Once a week, we brought over a movie, and they watched. Soon they became more obsessed with Harry Potter than we were! My mom hates reading, though she is a teacher, and so she would go to the library and get the Harry Potter books on tape. She and my dad listened to the books as they canned the vegetables of their garden, finding joy in the stories we introduced them to.

I may not always have everything in common with my family, but I will always love them with all of my heart! We share the things we do have in common and enjoy each moment we have together. 

On this Father’s Day, I wanted to thank my dad for always being there. Though we are different, we are very much the same, and I am so thankful for our time together! I am grateful for the laughs we have shared, the joy we have experienced, and the gift of his presence. I am thankful that he is my dad, that I am his daughter, and I look forward to many more moments of joy shared together!

Basic Wand Tutorial

So you can create your own magical wand to share with your own family, creating memories that will last a lifetime 🙂

I would like to share something a little extra now. A little way I have found to bring the magic of Harry Potter to my own home. I learned to make wands all my own using only a few craft supplies.

First, you take an ordinary drinking straw and cut a slit down the middle.

Stories of Petey - Magical Moments Shared With My Dad - Cutting Straw

Fill the straw with hot glue and allow it to dry and harden. This only takes a few moments. Please remember to be careful with the hot glue gun, always seeking an adult’s assistance!

Stories of Petey - Magical Moments Shared With My Dad - Filling Straw With Hot Glue

Then you roll the straw up in a piece of paper, gluing it with regular Elmer’s glue to secure it. The straw within the paper allows the wand to be more secure, sturdier than mere paper by itself.

Stories of Petey - Magical Moments Shared With My Dad - Rolling Straw In Paper
Stories of Petey - Magical Moments Shared With My Dad - Rolling Straw In Paper 2

Next, you cut the paper wand to the desired size and fill each end with a little hot glue.

Stories of Petey - Magical Moments Shared With My Dad - Filling Ends of Straw With Hot Glue

The final step is to decorate it. I have used hot glue to create a wood-like grain and texture. I used acrylic paints in different colors, creating the various Harry Potter wants. One last touch I usually do is to cover the painted wand, when dry, with a layer of Mod Podge to seal the paint and protect it. These are just paper wands, so they won’t last forever, but boy are they fun to make and play with!

Stories of Petey - Magical Moments Shared With My Dad - Basic Wand

The fun part is that you can make it all your own! You can make something magical, just for you. I even made some for my parents as a little reminder of our time spent watching the movies together.

Stories of Petey - Magical Moments Shared With My Dad - Harry Potter Wands

One thing I have learned is that there is nothing more magical than moments with those you love, creating memories you will forever be thankful for! Thank you, dad! Happy Father’s Day!

Stories of Petey - Magical Moments Shared With My Dad - Happy Father's Day

What wonderful memories do you share with your own dad? Don’t forget to comment or reach out to me on:





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    1. That’s a great story about you and your dad. I have wonderful memories and stories of my dad also, Although dad didn’t care much for horses at all, he took the time to help me build 2 horse stalls in my barn, we used old tobacco rails and scrap wood we found around the farm, we would work for a while, and then take a beer break. Although it was hard work, it was our day and one I will always remember. Dad did this for me, now that’s love ❤️

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