Little Adventures

In 2020 I found many different coping mechanisms. It was necessary for the time. Some of those turned into passions, passions I will continue to enjoy. One of these was projects.

Yes, we all do projects, but for me, I was in the mood to experiment. Just before my husband and I moved into our house at the end of 2019, I wanted to make a computer desk. I wanted him to have a desk for his office that was made out of real wood but was not expensive. We are always considering the budget!

It was then that I was struck with an idea. What if I made my own? I read online that certain stores give away free scrap wood, so I went to my local Home Depot and purchased plywood and got a ton of free scrap wood! I cut each piece, glued and screwed it to the plywood base, creating two desks and a printer table that I am truly proud to share with you!

Little Adventures - Stories of Petey - Wood Desks

Also, there is one desk not pictured. It is in our future office location. Hopefully someday I will be able to post pictures of that remodel!

The hairpin legs were purchased on Amazon, and are strong and beautiful, the way I like a piece of furniture!

In 2020, I was in the mood to try my hand at something else. I wanted to make us some nightstands for our new house that could hold our quilts.

My great grandmother, grandmothers, and mom each have made us blankets throughout the years. I wanted to store them close to my heart!

I completed this project as I usually do, with little preparation, little planning, and a whole love of enthusiasm!

I purchased plywood at Lowes, and as I do not own a power saw, I asked them to cut it in certain dimensions.

I created two storage nightstands by using four large pieces of plywood, each one 15 inches by 24 inches. I screwed and glued them to a bottom piece that was 15 inches by 16 inches and created a matching lid. The lid has some felt protectors on the bottom, but otherwise, it just sits on top. It suits us fine. I could have gone fancy, created a lip to sit inside the nightstand, but I work fast, and I have fun. Plus, I love the way they turned out!

Little Adventures - Stories of Petey - Wood Nightstand

I then decided to make an island for our dining room. You see, my husband and I had been learning about our true selves over this past year, and after realizing we NEVER use our dining room table, we gave it to some friends. We could, however, use some storage.

I looked online at different homemade islands and set out to purchase wood. I asked Lowes to cut some 1-inch-thick boards and some plywood to certain dimensions. This is one of those times planning would have come in handy.

I don’t know what I was thinking, but in my mind, I thought 24 inches would be plenty tall enough for an island! For some reason, I didn’t know at the time that 24 inches is only 2 feet! I promise, I did know this at one time. However, at that moment, I must have been in wonderland.

After staring at the wood lying on the garage floor and laughing hysterically at myself, I hatched a plan. I cut some of the wood and created almost two tables. I then attached the tables together, securing each section with brackets, and placed a large piece of plywood on top. After painting and applying polyurethane, I was done. Thus, I created my storage island!

It may not have been what I wanted in the beginning, but I love it! Every day I look at it, as we place items on top of it, or as I reach for flour or other pantry items, I think of the experience I had making it. It was completely worth it!

Little Adventures - Stories of Petey - Wooden Kitchen Island

During 2020 I also reupholstered an antique chaise lounge chair.

Little Adventures - Stories of Petey - Reupholster Chaise Lounge

This past year was filled with projects, experiences, and crazy adventures. It taught me my love for little adventures, my gratitude for the time given, and taught me even more so the power of contentment. I am thankful for all that I learned this past year and look forward to the lessons that the future will bring. Just no more pandemics. Please, no more pandemics!

Have you every experimented with wood working? Tell me about your projects! Don’t forget to comment or reach out to me on:





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