The Year Creativity Came To Stay

This post will be short. I want to describe one of the other blessings I received in 2020.

In school, as a child, I loved writing and art. I loved to read and had a huge imagination! Which, I am proud to say, I still possess. However, as adulthood struck, all of the time and energy I put toward art was taken away. Instead, I was forced to focus on my job, bills, and life in general.

It was not until I left my position as a nursing assistant at a retirement community and began working as a teacher in a daycare that creativity came knocking on my door once again.

Perhaps it was being around all of the children, seeing the world for the first time, but I was inspired! I began writing and crafting, drawing, and painting. I was an artist again! Oh, how I missed it!

In 2020, through all the changes we experienced, I turned to art as an outlet of my soul. I began writing and am currently editing a book I wrote, a story of my life and the life of my great grandmother!

My husband bought me a drawing tablet, and I began learning my way around digital art. It is such a fun expression!

I took pictures, captured moments here and there, the natural beauty all around me.

I was blessed to have an opportunity to further my creative expression. Through all the bad of 2020, I am thankful for that opportunity. I am thankful for a chance to express myself through my craft and learn who I really am. I am thankful for art!

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I am a lover of stories, addicted to reading and writing. I love to draw and paint, sew and work on projects. My greatest moments are spent escaping into the little adventures of life. I love little adventures!

30 thoughts on “The Year Creativity Came To Stay

      1. I am doing very well😊 In good spirits, and very thankful for all I have been blessed with🥰 I just had a root canal, so very Praying you are well🙏


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