This was a story I originally wrote on Hit Record. I previously posted about it, but wanted to share it here for all to enjoy. I hope this touches you, as it did me!

I did not ask to be created. I did not ask for the fame. I did not ask for any of it!

Did I enjoy the constant attention? Sure! Who wouldn’t?

I will admit, it was a bit alarming at times. There were those that were afraid. They saw me as a monster.

Monster. What a word. There is no other word like it. Its meaning is different for each unique soul, and yet, all know what it means.

The word monster brings to mind stories of cruel and senseless creatures wreaking havoc upon the innocent. It brings to mind odd and strange creatures that one cannot help but look at, and in some cases, obsess about.

It was raining on the day of my creation. Pouring is a more appropriate word. It was pouring.

The rain, the water, calmed the dying octopus in me. It provided a sense of calm in an otherwise chaotic environment. 

Yes, I was dying. Over half of my body had been destroyed in the boating accident. Most would have left me to my fate, but not her.

Dr. Nadja was incredible. First in her class at Harvard University, a true genius if there ever was one.

The doctor used her knowledge of robotics to start several companies, all with the desire to change the world.

The world, you see, was her love. She loved people and animals. She loved nature and technology. She wanted to change the world for the better. She had a dream.

If it were not for Dr. Nadja I do not think I would have been able to handle those early years. When she saw my dying body in the wreckage of the accident, she used her knowledge to prolong my life, changing it in ways I never knew possible.

I was like a baby to her. Her own precious creation. She taught me to speak, taught me to think, taught me to love. One of my first experiences in love was born of cruelty.

It was not uncommon for the doctor to travel for different speaking engagements.  I was always by her side, and she used these moments in my education.

I remember one of these instances in particular, as our car arrived at the location of her conference. She held me close as we walked the isle leading toward the entrance of the building. She held me close as crowds of people shouted at us, threw things at us.

If you have not experienced any certain amount of rage, words of pure hatred, violent reactions, simply for being who you are, you are lucky.

The words of cruelty stung my newly developed emotions, and I asked my creator what caused the reaction we had just experienced from the crowd.

In her words I learned what love meant.

“In this world, there is a great deal of energy. There is fear, anger, joy, peace, love, and everything in between. There will always be people willing to tear you down, simply for being you. Those people do not belong in your world. Instead, look to those willing to provide encouragement and love, without asking for anything in return. What they feel toward you is true and real, and with reason. They know you. And in knowing you, they continue to want to know you. They are the people that will give you what you need, what you want. Do not think about those cruel people. They are but a blip in your existence.  Instead, think about all of those that have supported you. Think of those that know you are worth it.”

We had many years together. I was her one and only roboctopus, and she loved me. She would have done anything for me. I would have done anything for her.

They called me monster, as they pelted us with their pain. They called her a monster for creating me, as they rushed toward us, overtaking the guards.

It was supposed to be a simple speech, a quick stop on the way back home from a conference.  Yet, nothing in life is truly simple.

Helplessly I watched as they came toward us, destroying the soul that brought life back to me many years before.

Once again, fate chose to save me, but for what reason I do not know. My creator was destroyed with their hatred, and I was left alone.

Yes, I have those around me to support and encourage me. I have a home, and all the fame the world can offer to a roboctopus like me.

Despite all that I have, given to me by the hands of my creator, despite my very life, a blessing many crave, I am left alone. I am left to ponder the meaning of a word.

What is a monster? Am I the monster? Many think so.

What does a monster look like? Is it a half robot, half octopus, born of the love of a gentle soul? Or is it the anger, rage, hatred, and all that stole her from me?

What is a monster? Tell me, Dr. Nadja, my creator, where are you now? I have a question, and no one to give me an answer.

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11 thoughts on “Monster

  1. I know only one monster, i.e. Frankenstein’s. Anybody calling you or Dr Nadja is himself or herself a monster. It’s your courage and determination that have brought you so far, and certainly for a purpose. Have faith in yourself and God. May God bless you always 🙏💐

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! Thankfully I have a very supportive and encouraging group around me🥰 In my past I have know pain, but over this past year I learned to let it go. I suppose some of it came out in this story😊 Thank you again!

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