Terrible Gifts Moms Love

Let’s face it, moms don’t receive the best of gifts. They may receive an adorable coupon book that won’t be fulfilled, even upon request. They may receive last-minute hand-drawn gifts from children that completely forgot about the day created to honor the woman that gave them life. Or, if they are lucky, they will receive a gift that costs $1 or less at a school fair.

Yet, despite what moms desire, they get what they get, and they do NOT pitch a fit!
I smile as I write this post, thinking of all of the terrible gifts I have given my mom over the years. It brings a tear to my eye, knowing that she has not only kept all of these gifts but also displayed them for all to see.

Stories of Petey - Terrible Gifts Moms Love - First Easter With Mom

Yes, my mom has taken the awful gifts she has received and displayed them as if they were the most valuable possession she could ever own! And I love her all the more for that reason!

My mom has worked hard her entire life, not only as the eldest sibling caring for her younger brother and sister but also for her two children and three grandchildren. My mom eats cold food at meals, waiting for her loved ones to have their fill before she fills her own plate. My mom does without asking and is always there to take us to a doctor’s appointment. My mom is always there if we need her! My mom is amazing, and I am so thankful to have her as my own!

I realize moms receive not even a quarter of what they deserve, but the truth remains, they love their terrible gifts. Though deep down, they may desire a different gift, they treasure the gift they receive.

Moms look at the handmade, thrown-together gift they receive and think about the effort and thought that went into it. They see the hearts of their children and grandchildren shining through, and it truly touches their hearts!

That is what makes moms so special. They genuinely love their family from the bottom of their hearts! I can think of no better way this is demonstrated than in the appreciation they feel when they receive their truly terrible gifts.

Thank you, moms, especially my own, for being as supportive and terrific as you are! I would be nothing without you, literally!

Stories of Petey - Terrible Gifts Moms Love - Me and My Mom

I wish I could show everyone pictures of every terrible gift I have given my mom over the years. Instead, I will show you a gift I made her only a few years ago.

I found an encased clock at a thrift store and removed the clock. I then purchased a red rose fabric flower. I combined glitter and mod podge and painted it on the flower. This was a gift in honor of my mom’s love for Belle from Beauty and the Beast. As terrible as it was, she loved this gift. As only a mom would!

Stories of Petey - Terrible Gifts Moms Love - Beauty and the Beast Flower

What terrible gifts have you given to your mom that she simply adores? Don’t forget to comment or reach out to me on:





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