Dreams of Genies

I wanted to post this project in honor of Sea of Thieves adding the genie outfits and accessories to the game.  My husband recently got me addicted to the game, and I cannot wait to acquire all things genie!

sea of thieves - dreams of genies - stories of petey

Growing up I loved to watch “I Dream of Jeannie” on Tv Land.  I loved watching Barbara Eden, and all of the crazy things that happened to her.  I thought the show was hilarious, but most of all I marveled at how beautiful she was.  To this day I think her beauty has only increased with age.

I would watch the show and long to have my own genie outfit in my favorite color, blue.  When I decided to make a genie costume, I wanted to combine different shades of blue, using material that was both light and comfortable.

As a child I did not participate in Halloween.  Not only was I terrified of people in costumes, as my father learned when he tried to cut through the costume isle at the grocery store one fateful day. The shrieks of his little girl could be heard all around the store!

My family also chose not to participate in Halloween due to religious reasons.  Those reasons have since changed, but as a child, I did not dress up.  Unless you count one or two times at a church function.

childhood costume - dreams of genies - stories of petey

As an adult, however, I love to dress up!  My husband and I dress up to hand out candy to little trick or treaters, and marvel at their adorable costumes.  I love to create the perfect costume, while he begrudgingly wears what I provide for him..lol..

I only recently began sewing, and patterns often confuse me.  They are like a puzzle I just don’t understand.  So, I often go to local thrift stores or the local Goodwill, find clothing, and repurpose it.

It was during one of these trips to Goodwill that I found the perfect piece to use for my very own genie costume!  I actually ended up finding the blue nightgown that cost $2.29, and was perfect!  It was a large, which I liked.  The bigger the size, the more that you have to use (especially if you make a mistake). 

Goodwill nightgown - dreams of genies - stories of petey

Here is the process I used to make my first genie costume.  Like my other projects, I consider speed and the ability to have fun more than I consider accuracy.  There are probably better ways to do what I did, but here is how I did it:

I cut off the top portion of the nightgown (just around the bust line).  Then I folded the fabric on the edges over and sewed them so that the edge would be smooth.

Cutting top of nightgown - dreams of genies - stories of petey
top portion of nightgown - dreams of genies - stories of petey

There was a bow in the middle of this top portion, so I used a seam ripper to remove it.  This was nice, because it separated the top.  It left it open, which was exactly what I wanted.  It saved me having to cut it, and saving me time is very important to me!

sewed top portion of nightgown - dreams of genies - stories of petey

Yet after I cut off the top portion of the nightgown I realized that the bottom part (even though it was the majority of the nightgown) was going to be too short for me to make pants out of.  I had to think fast, because I wanted this done in just a few hours. 

It was then that I realized I had an old blue shirt that I had gotten at the Salvation Army Thrift Store for about $2.99.  I had cut the neckline on this shirt to make it into a wide scoop neck shirt like in the 1980’s.  Yet I cut too much, and basically the shirt kept falling off of me.  I saved it, though, because I thought I could use it later for material.  Boy, am I glad I did that!

Thrift store shirt - dreams of genies - stories of petey
cutting thrift store shirt - dreams of genies - stories of petey

The shirt was fitted at the bottom, and I decided to use that for the top of my genie pants.  I held it to my body, and got an estimate of where I wanted to cut it.  I added a little bit to my estimation, because I know when I cut things I tend to cut off too much.  Then I cut off the portion that I wanted, and set it aside for the moment.

After this I took the bottom portion of the nightgown, and cut it on the seam line to make one long piece of fabric. 

cutting nightgown - dreams of genies - stories of petey

I then took one side (the shorter, width side of the fabric), and held it to one side of the open part of my blue shirt.  I put both the shirt piece and nightgown piece rightside out, and then sewed the one side of the nightgown to the one side of the blue shirt. 

sewing nightgown and shirt - dreams of genies - stories of petey

Next, I sewed the other side of the nightgown (shorter, width side of the fabric) to the other side of the blue shirt.

opening in fabric - dreams of genies - stories of petey

This left the sides open, with a big hole.

I then cut the nightgown down the middle, and made the legs of the costume. 

making genie legs - dreams of genies - stories of petey

I folded over the edges of the nightgown material, and sewed it so that the edges were smooth instead of jagged from being cut.

Finally, I took the front and back of the left leg, and sewed just about an inch on both the left and right corner of the ankle.  This connected the pieces, but left a hole for me to put my ankle in.  I repeated the step with the right leg. 

ankle opening - dreams of genies - stories of petey

There you have it!  This is my finished product.  A genie costume made out of an old nightgown and an old t-shirt.  Comfortable, cute, and perfect for the genie that I always wanted to be!

genie costume - dreams of genies - stories of petey

It was so easy, and took just a few hours to complete.  The total cost was about $5.28 not including sales tax.

Just do me a favor, and be careful with your fingers around the sewing machine needle!  As a teenager I was trying to learn to sew and got a little too close to that needle.  It went right through my finger!  I was fine, but it scared me away from sewing for many years.

I know when I sew I don’t measure, and I make mistakes.  On this one I even used different color of light blue thread because I ran out of one color halfway through.  It really doesn’t matter to me.  I just have fun, and like to experiment with different ideas.  I like to see how far I can get on just a little bit of money and a lot of creativity.

I just hope you can use my ideas to come up with your own fun creations!  Never worry if you mess up.  You will, but that is half the fun!  You never know what kind of spontaneous creation you will make if you follow your ideas, no matter where they may take you!

Have you ever made a costume from scratch? How did it turn out? Don’t forget to comment or reach out to me on:





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fun with sewing - dreams of genies - stories of petey

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